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Upcycling Carpet

          Undeniably, the innovation of plastics has played a major part in improving our quality of life and creating convenience. However, if we continue to use plastic irresponsibly like we do now, it will eventually become an immense problem that will change this world forever.

          At present, there is enough plastic waste in the ocean to be lined up 400 times around the earth. Possibly, in 2050, there will even be more plastic in the sea than fish.


          RISC, PTTGC and The Carpet Maker have foreseen this problem and come forward with an aim to reduce plastic waste, and become part of the Upcycling Project. The project does far more than simply recycling. Instead, it focuses on using the most advanced innovative technology to transform the clear and colorless PET plastic bottles into clean fibers. In addition to using lower processing energy, the quality of fibers are ensured to be better than normal plastic counterparts. They are then used to create more valuable and higher quality products.


          From RISC PTTGC's advanced technology combined with The Carpet Maker's expertise, meticulosity, and ground-breaking carpet making technology emerges the world's first carpet made from plastic debris.


          Every Upcycling Carpet from plastic waste is endowed with uncompromised qualities, such as water repellency, flame retardancy, stain and mildew resistance. In the meantime, it maintains the feeling of softness to the touch, and upholds the exquisite craftsmanship details of The Carpet Maker's signature hand- and loom-weaving, just like that from natural fibers.


Upcycling Carpet by Carpet Maker


The Carpet Maker is proud to present a product rich with artistic and cultural heritage that has long been our signature. We want you to become part of the project that helps transform unwanted plastic waste into a beneficial product, sustainably restoring the balance of the beautiful nature back to our world.