Have you known how many plastics flowing in the sea? By 
forecasting, there will be more plastic than fish in the
ocean in 2050 as plastic became a part of our life; 
almost of the packaging are made of plastic, and  many 
of consumers are not responsible for their own junk. 
Moreover, we have seen so much plastic junks that have 
been thrown away into our beautiful nature which are 

"The plastic makes up 80% of all marine debris found from
surface waters to deep-sea sediments. Marine species ingest
or are entangled by plastic debris, which causes severe 
injuries."  - Marine Plastic issue by IUCN


Carpet Maker has foreseen this problem and aim to be a part to save this planet sea. We want to be the one who voice this message and raise awareness to people all around the world. From those reason, it became our project “MONSILK”.





Of course some of you might question what is MONSILK? MONSILK - Mind Our Nature & Soft as Silk collection. We want to be a part to save our world’s nature. There are billion kilograms of plastic end up in the ocean every year and the huge amount of waste in the ocean severely endangers the life of marine creatures.Then, we found out the innovation of transforming plastic bottles to yarn. Then comes the brilliant idea that we should turn the waste into masterpiece by creating yarn made from the ocean-plastic waste. For example, Earth carpet (the first picture above) upcycled from 1,128 plastic bottle in size 600 ml. and we could see that one carpet take a part to save the sea by turning waste into a masterpiece.


IMG_7954 (1).jpg



Since then, we have committed to our plan and strive to achieve the outcome. To see the process clearly, we would divide into 3 steps.


Firstly, we collect the plastic bottle from the sea, generate type of plastic and clean. After that, we put it into the process of transforming bottle to chips. And, we put the chips into the spun machine and made it to different type of yarns


Last but not least, our special yarn has available in many shades for you! We excited to    present our Pommai Box (Pom box) with 64 shades.





We proudly present the revolutionary product ismade exclusively from 100% upcycling polyester from plastic bottles. For the first time in the world, waste from the sea will transformed into creative bespoke carpets through an innovative approach and desire to be a partof conserving the beauty of planet’s sea sustainably.


Turn Waste into a Masterpiece with us.

      More than a decoration, more than an art,

 Be a part to change the world









How exclusive it is! To have your own masterpiece with special yarn that saving the ocean of the world added up by the unique property to protect your custom carpet from the incident such as water repellency, flame retardancy, stain and mildew resistance.

And we please to assure that our sustainable yarn has the best quality that you are looking for in carpets. You will receive the same feeling like the real silk within the first touch.

MONSILK can be made into many kinds of carpets such as hand-tufted, hand woven and machine tufted with special properties.

Moreover, carving in all shapes with different dimension to make it more sophisticated! Not only be creating your own masterpiece, but also be a part of creating a sustainable world.




monsilk for website-4.png

Aquatic Green Carpet is featured hand tufting carpet which made from plastic bottles waste into processing
system becomes a creative product (Upcycling) “Environment friendly” is our concept design of thought
creation with a touch of hand tufting carpet giving a design, surface and color that represent plants, coral and
nature therapy. This product also won Thailand Design Excellence Award (DEmark) 2020