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Summer 2018 Inspiration

Please have a preview showing of The Carpet Maker last inspirations for carpet designs.

As mentioned in the title these inspirations come from the summer vibes of Thailand and their side effects on the nature.
While it is really hot and dry in most of the western countries, summer in Thailand is mostly characterized by heavy rains, storms and a flourishing vegetation.

Also called raining season by Thais from June to August it is the time of the year where you will not enjoy the beautiful thai beaches but rather astonishing landscapes such as green forests with many different kind of flowers or impressive hurricanes.

Let me know present you the magnificent artworks of our designer Miss Siriwan Khaymaranoisee.

After talking with Miss Siriwan she told me this pattern represents strong energies of water and wind mixed together to form a typhoon of colors. She also likes to imagine this design as how the soul of an extremely motivated person would look like. A burning and determined soul ready to give its maximum to reach its goals.

This design might be easier to recognize for those who are fascinated by storms. Indeed this intense painting represents black and grey clouds in a sky filled up with lightning. Miss Siriwan explained to me that storms are really frequent in Thailand because of the very hot temperatures and it also always exciting to watch it.

Let's move now to a calmer and more relaxing atmosphere. Storms and rain are gone and what is left is a splendid vegetation with trees full of green leaves or in this case pink leaves. The nature lovers among you would have recognized it this picture is indeed representing a cherry tree at its best season of the year. Who said only Sakura trees in Japan were worth seeing?

To finish with the last design we will remain in a peaceful ambiance as well. Miss Siriwan illustrated here probably one of the most common but superb scenery ever, a sunrise. Who never had a sleepless night on the beach and enjoyed watching the sun rising up slowly in the horizon? If you never had. It is a thing to add to your bucket list and to do at list once in your life.

The final comment of Miss Siriwan was to say that all these inspirations are also a window to human feelings such as the determination (Soul Energy), the anger (Storm), love (Cherry Tree) and peacefulness (Sunrise).

We conclude here this article and we thank a lot Miss Siriwan for these wonderful artworks and hope to see new ones soon!
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