Synergy with Artists

Carpet XL-Option2_870px_01.jpg
Handmade rug made from M. Panyadee's "Water Painting"


Mr Panyadee is a part time teacher specialized in water painting in Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok. He is also a very talented painter.

One of his famous artworks is represented above this text and is an extremely complex water painting made from almost 100 colors.

The Carpet Maker wanted to give a real shape to this masterpiece and decided to turn it into a carpet.

It was a real challenge for our craftsmen to reproduce with the hand-tufting technique the smooth details as perfectly as on the painting.

But the final result was astonishing since when we exhibited the product at the fairs some of our customers first thought it was a printed carpet and did not believe it was a handmade one.

They liked to compare this design with strawberry fields.

Hand woven rug made from Mrs. Jarvinen "Fancy Blocks" design.


Mrs Marianne is a designer working with The Carpet Maker with a long experience in carpets weaving design.

She is from Helsinki in Finland but she traveled a lot around the world to get inspiration from different cultures such as Iran, African, Asian and Scandinavian ones.

She is a curious person interested in new experiments with  weaving techniques or by mixing various materials.

One of her last artwork is the design named “Snow Path” which is displayed above.

Made by weaving thick wool yarns this carpet design is as soft as comfortable and it reminds of winter landscapes.