Terms & Conditions


  • All Prices are FOB Bangkok for the shipment THB 35,000 and up. Should the shipment worth less than THB 35,000 the handling charge by either Air or Sea THB 3,500 shall be applied.
  • Freight and insurance charges are additional and subject to a separate agreement.
  • Prior to the production of any rug or carpet, the respective proforma invoice must be approved in writing.
  • Cancellation, change, or modification can be made according to following conditions:
  1. Cancellation within 2 days after order final confirmation, cancellation fee is THB 1,000 per order.
  2. Cancellation after design drawing and canvas setting, cancellation fee is 50% of the order value.
  3. Cancellation after raw yarns have been dyed, cancellation fee is 75% of the order value.
  4. Cancellation after the order has been tufted, cancellation fee is full amount of the order value.


  • Custom sizes, custom patterns or custom interpretation of our current patterns are welcome.
  • Acceptance of any orders caused by delayed or late confirmation will be subject to late delivery at least equivalent to the time of delay or late.
  • Seller reserves the right to sell or not sell any specific grade of design of rug that could impinge on previously established sales channels or design agreements.


  • All rug or carpet orders require a 50% deposit with order placement, and the last 50% shall be made at least 7 days prior to delivery by telegraphic transfer.
  • A signed packing slip constitutes delivery.
  • All deliveries are FOB Bangkok.
  • Seller reserves the right to discontinue or to change the patterns, colours, and specifications of rugs without prior notice.
  • Seller reserves the right to hold, rescind or terminate any  production or any accepted order should Purchaser delays in providing necessary contribution including but not limited to design, confirmation, or payment in due time.


  • Shipping and delivery extension can be made at least 7 days prior to shipment, provided that Seller reserves the right to additional costs expenses incurred.
  • Purchaser shall make initial inspection of all complaints which contain at least 3 photographs at different angle of views and at the reasonable resolution as well as a written report, and such inspection shall be sent Seller within 7 days upon the receipt of the goods or of the claim from customer.


  • Colours may vary from dye lot to dye lot, also colours have a tendency to change with age and/or light exposure. Claims made on colour shift, therefore, will not be considered.
  • Random sheared products will vary in both texture and the amount of shear due to the nature of the product.
  • No claim will be considered on rugs which have been improperly used and cleaned.
  • We do not recommend Topical Treatment (soil repellent) applied after the rug  has been manufactured, and will not accept any claims where treatments have been applied.
  • Under normal conditions a new carpet will shed loose fibres during the early stages of use. This shedding has no effect on the quality of the carpet. Claim due to standard shedding will not be considered.
  • Finished rug sizes may vary slightly from the original ordered size, not exceeding plus or minus 2% on the linear measurement.
  • Claims for lost or damaged goods must be entered against the carrier.
  • Purchaser must satisfy himself within 7 days of receipt that the goods delivered are as ordered and have been received in good order and condition.
  • Seller shall not be held liable for delay, alteration, non-delivery or non-shipment, if occasioned by the act of the Customs, God, War, Strikes or any occurrences or defaults whatsoever which are unavoidable or beyond Seller’s control.
  • The maximum liability we will consider on any complaint is limited to the exact cost of the goods excluding freight, transportation, packing, and others.
  • All goods delivered to the designated port of shipment and vessel or air vehicle constitute delivery.
  • Losses or short delivered, the supplier shall not be obliged to accept any claims for loss or short delivery unless the claim is made in writing with full particulars and lodged within 7 working days together with appropriate documentation.