Water & Stain Protectants

The Carpet Maker takes a sincere interest in customers’ requests and always goes the extra mile to make products which fit each client’s requirements. One common condition when we sell rugs is to make sure our products will last longer than the norm and that they can withstand spills and stains.

Some natural materials such as cotton can absorb up to 27 times their weight in water. Other materials are more sensitive to liquid spills, including dry fibers like jute and ramie.

When our products enter the back coating and finishing stations in our carpet manufacturing process they receive a water resistance treatment.

A water resistant carpet will not allow water to pass through, protecting it from future issues with moisture and mildew. 

When liquids are repelled by a water resistant carpet, solutions which may stain are kept from soaking into the base of the yarn, remaining on the surface where they can be removed easily.

This technique is way more effective and faster than letting the stain dry and then attempting to scrub or brush it later.  Heavy scrubbing can be ineffective at removing stains and also risks damaging the yarn.

Carpets with water and stain resistance are among the best flooring solutions to fill your house with a soft, warm, cozy atmosphere that is easy to take care of. They fit perfectly in busy offices and homes with big families, giving long-lasting comfort to your floors.