Fire Retardant carpets

At The Carpet Maker we take great pride in the quality of our products so it is important to us that they are durable and resistant. With the help of science and technology we have been able to add extra resistance to our carpets.

There are two different ways to make a carpet stronger, one way is to slightly change its original composition by mixing in synthetic fibers with natural fibers. For example we recently started to mix our traditioinal fibers with a new intelligent fiber in order to give the carpets anti-dust mite properties, even in products made with natural materials.

Another method is to apply a finishing solution which adds a new property to the material. This is the new, ground-breaking method we use to provide fire resistance to our products. During the manufacturing process we cover the surface of the carpets with chemical additives which prevent and slow down combustion.

These additives are typically composed of aluminium hydroxides, carbonates and hydrates which limit and slowly decrease the temperature. It is in the form of a vapor or a condensed liquid that this chemical treatment is applied, depending on the intended degree of flame resistance.

In a condensed liquid treatment we use intumescent additives to generate a barrier during a fire between the ignited section and the untouched part of the carpet. This stops the flame from spreading to the rest of the product through a process called thermal shielding.

A vapor application is based on the release of water or carbon dioxide gases which dilute the combustible gases responsible for the appearance of the flames. By reducing the combustible gases we impede the ignition process.

If you would like to learn more about our fire resistance techniques feel free to contact us.

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