Fast track samples

Fast track sample with shelf yarn

Our new, well-organized, systematic, dynamic warehouse of shelf yarn is now ready for fast track carpet samples! 

We have been crafting custom carpets for years, individually custom dyeing each one, which is time consuming and costly. Now we have come up with a solution to provide the same custom carpets using our shelf yarn. This program offers a quicker turnaround, a much more reasonable price, and retains our superb quality.

Lively colors play a huge role in carpet designs. Each color represents a different aspect and can affect the mood of your visual design. For designs that need several colors, designs that need the same color tone but with color vibrations, stipple (tweed) or striation effect designs, and for graduated tweed shading designs, this program is the right choice!

Even if we don’t have enough yarn from a single batch to complete your carpet, these types of designs lend themselves to color-mixing. When combined, we can match any color you could ask for.

In the past, a carpet price could be quite high for many designs as we have to dye several small batches. Now, with our shelf yarn program, the process of making those carpet designs is not only competitive in price, but fast and convenient as well.

We have immense quantities of colored yarns on our shelves, efficiently grouped by type and color in our smart warehouse. There are thousands of colors in 1- & 2-ply wools, semi-worsted, fine merino fully worsted, twisted silk, soft fine silk, woolen silk, bamboo viscose, and more.In conclusion, with this program we are proud to present ...

  1. Shorter lead-times and inexpensive samples to win hearts and projects with our ready-made shelf yarns.
  2. Special prices on custom-made carpets using these shelf yarns – 20% lower than our standard prices.


Let’s work together and take advantage of this opportunity!
If you have any question about our new concept, please send us an inquiry.  

We will reply quickly with a competitive proposal.

Feel welcome to upload photo of inspiration to start your carpet journey.

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