Allergies & Asthma

One of the most common diseases in our world today is asthma. According to World Health Organization statistics 1 in 8 adults are affected by asthma and the rate is even higher for children, with 1 in 5 affected.

Among the countries of most concern in the world we find at the top of the list the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia and New Zealand – with almost 20% of the whole population.

Another interesting statistic informs us that 70% of asthma attacks are provoked by inhaling the droppings of dust mites.

Dust mites are microscopic organisms which live by the millions in every textile in your house, including carpets, bed sheets, towels and more. They dwell in warm, humid places with a temperature range of 5-50 degrees Celsius.

There are several ways to reduce dust mites on your floors, such as spreading pesticides around your house. Some drawbacks to this solution are that pesticides take time to evaporate and can be harmful for the human body, causing mild to serious conditions, including lung cancer. Another solution is to use a vacuum cleaner regularly to clear your textile flooring of dust mites. However this is only a temporary solution, since dust mites will be around as long as you have textile products in your home.
Indeed dust mites have one main food: fungus. The dead skin particles released normally from the human body grow into fungus with humidity and warmth. These nutrients allow dust mites to multiply.

And now are you wondering if it is even possible to completely get rid of dust mites without removing all of the textiles from your house?

Thanks to continual progress and new technology scientists have developed an intelligent textile fiber which contains in its core small capsules with a strong anti-fungus effect. Inside these reservoirs there is a synthetic additive which is released daily to the surface of the fiber and which will disintegrate any fungus on your carpets.

Without any food the dust mites cannot survive. This technique is based on the food chain disruption of the dust mites and it is the most efficient and healthy solution to eradicate dust mite problems and the asthma complications that follow.     

For those who worry about any potential risks for children and babies associated with this synthetic additive, they can breathe a sigh of relief – it has been certified 100% harmless. Babies can chew on the carpet yarn without any risk of toxicity.

This new fiber has been tested and approved for “Confidence in Textiles” by the German agency OKEO-TEX 100.
It has also been certified harmless by REACH SVHC which controls harmful substances in Europe and United States.
This anti-allergen fiber has received approval from two other important centers: the Red Cross Hospital in Barcelona and the British Allergy Foundation.

Anti-microbial tests have been undertaken using the most stringent protocols:
- JISL 1902:2002 against Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae
- AATCC 30-1999 Part III against Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus repens

These are some of the most commons fungi and bacteria found on textile flooring.

Efficacy is guaranteed up to 100 washes. Carpets and rugs made with this fiber are among the safest and healthiest textile flooring products available.

At The Carpet Maker we are committed to producing anti-allergy carpets that are as natural and healthy as possible. We favor using organic materials such as wool and bamboo to mix with the intelligent fiber, and we like to include plant ingredients in the dying process, such as turmeric, soap berries, butterfly pees, etc.

No chemical colors, no synthetic fabrics – only what is harmless for the human body.

According to the World Health Organization the global number of asthma attacks has increased to such a high level that a product like this is invaluable for those who would like a comfortable home with high-quality rugs and a safe environment for their family’s health.

The anti-allergen fiber will allow you to breathe fully and relax completely knowing your carpet will provide a healthy sanctuary in your house.