Hypoallergenic Rugs

The Carpet Maker has developed a new range of rugs which are safer and healthier than all
other rugs. Hypoallergenic rugs are made using an intelligent fiber which protects your rugs
from bacteria, dust mites, fungus and mildew. These are the most effective products to ensure
that your family will not suffer from allergies or asthma, conditions which are primarily provoked
by parasites like dust mites living on textiles.

Our technologically advanced fiber makes up part of a hypoallergenic rug and releases a synthetic substance daily which will eradicate fungi and moisture – the main nutrients of parasites. Without nutrients the parasites will disappear from your rugs. After rigorous testing is has been shown that the effect carries on without any problems for at least 100 washes.

These hypoallergenic rugs are not only invaluable to protect your family from allergen sensitization, they are comfortable, well-designed rugs.  The floor coverings only need to contain 20-30% of the synthetic fiber to be effective. It is then possible to choose other materials like bamboo or wool to mix in and create a natural rug according to your taste.
On top of that, in order to imbue our hypoallergenic rugs with additional health benefits we are also able to dye them with 100% plant-based organic colors.

For those who look carefully into rug manufacturing it is interesting to note that these hypoallergenic rugs can be produced with any production process (hand weaving, hand tufting or machine tufting).

Another advantage of these rugs is that the additive released from the anti-allergen fiber will not harm your health like a common pesticide.

Indeed this chemical product is certified 100% harmless for humans according to the REACH SVHC organization in charge of controlling harmful substances in products, and the eminent German organization, OKEO TEX.

The Carpet Maker is proud to produce these hypoallergenic rugs which perfectly combine the style and comfort of traditional rugs with this new technology for advanced health care.