A rug is a carefully designed work of art, placed on the floor to complete a house’s ambiance.
Choosing the right rug is essential since it controls the look and feel of a room. With today's
broad range of choices in different colors, patterns and materials, selecting a beautiful rug to
match your furniture is a simple way to refresh your floors and upgrade a room’s appearance to
reflect your lifestyle.

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Rug Materials

Materials derived from animals, insects, plants and synthetics stretch our field of options. We care deeply about the quality of each material, the base of every rug.
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Area Rugs

Current trends call for the inclusion of well-designed area rugs in the house to complement the furniture and increase the value of the home and complete the overall concept.
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Rugs Trends

The character of our rugs relies on a variety of trends which have emerged alongside the history of rugs for hundreds and even thousands year
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Bespoke Rugs

Do you have that spark of inspiration that you would like to transform into a rug to beautify your house? We are ready for you.
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Hypoallergenic Rugs

Hypoallergenic rugs are made using an intelligent fiber which protects your rugs from bacteria, dust mites, fungus and mildew.

There are many reasons why area rugs are trending these days. The obvious motive for installing an area rug is to enhance the appearance of a room – a rug is an artistic piece which adds color and style and makes a powerful design statement in any space. Along with their attractive aesthetic, rugs provide cushion, comfort, warmth, noise reduction and a grounding aspect. A tile or laminate flooring throughout an entire space can feel cold, in mood and temperature. Adding an area rug to a room conserves more heat than hard flooring and adds an aura of warmth and relaxation.

If noise is a concern, the addition of an area rug is the solution. It will significantly absorb sound from the floor and the air – with an area rug, the experience of echoes will be diminished.

An expert tip is to begin your redecoration project with an area rug, with its unique ability to ground a space and provide a point of rest for body and energy. Energy travels more quickly on hard surfaces and more slowly over soft floors. Fast-flowing energy creates the impression of chaos and anxiety. Introduce an area rug to your room to cultivate calm and relaxation by slowing down the energy flow.

There are so many benefits to rugs besides their attractive design. If you are interested to find out which is the right rug, check out our rug section:

To explore a rug’s durability and softness try Rug Materials and learn about their uniquecharacteristics.
Would you like to fashion the ambiance of a room? Look for inspiration in our Area Rugs and Rugs Trends sections.

Feeling more health conscious? Learn more about our Hypoallergenic Rugs.

Want to create a completely new rug from your imagination? Check out our Bespoke Rugs.

With 30 years’ experience in rug and carpet production, our team is on hand and ready to assist with any inquiry you may have.

At The Carpet Maker we understand rugs inside and out. With Bespoke Rugs you can channel your desire to design the rugs you have always wanted.