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AVA™ (Anti Viral Allergy free) FACE MASK:

A mask has become a necessary thing in our present everyday life to protect you from the spread of diseases.

The Carpet Maker recommends the AVA™ (Anti-Viral Allergy free) FACE MASK made from fiber that has a special property to inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses by destroying the lipid & protein cell envelope of the viruses. This results in the death of much of the virus, while the rest cannot replicate themselves because AVA™ interferes in their protein synthesis which is the staple component in virus replication.

AVA™ masks can also inhibit bacterial growth which is the cause of acne and musty smell, and protects you from PM 2.5 dust that is harmful to your respiratory system.

The special technology of AVA™ is not a coating but is blended right into the fiber at the spinning stage, and this enables germ inhibition effectiveness
retention up to 99% after 100 washes.

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Gently wash by hand with regular laundry
detergent and leave it to dry.