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AVA™ (Anti Viral Allergy free) Hand Towel

Washing your hands frequently is one of the recommendations from the doctor to help prevent viral infection. But using hand towels that may not be clean enough can lead to bacteria growing which is harmful for the health.

The Carpet Maker has developed the product called AVA (Anti Viral Allergy free) Hand Towels. The AVA technology can stop the bacteria accumulation and virus transmission. So you can rest assured that your hands are clean and free from viruses for a healthier life according to the New normal lifestyle.
AVA™ Anti Viral Allergy free

AVA Hand Towel disrupts the food chain of house dust mites and prevents colonization, helping to protect our children from the allergens that cause asthma. AVA Hand Towel stops Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses and inhibits the replication of viruses including coronavirus.

It is still 99% effective after 100 washes.

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Gently wash by hand with regular laundry
detergent and leave it to dry.