Rugs Trends

At the Carpet Maker our rugs are the essence of style, able to generate a particular atmosphere in each room. The character of our rugs relies on a variety of trends which have emerged alongside the history of rugs for hundreds and even thousands years.

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These rug trends are born from disparate events. Initially, rugs appeared in several geographical regions.  The techniques and designs were passed down through civilizations as cultural representations of an ethnic group or the expression of an artist’s vision.

At first rugs were simply a useful tool to warm the floors in houses, but they soon signified a new form of art and fell under the influence of pervading trends.

The Carpet Maker has selected some of the most interesting and famous rug trends to influence our designs.
The most renowned carpet trend springs from the Middle East and is commonly called the oriental style. In ancient times oriental rugs were manufactured to decorate the numerous “sauna” and “hamam” located throughout the Persian Empire. Their sophisticated look and pleasant feel were treasured in such private establishments. Even today oriental rugs are common in relaxing and restful spaces where people like to be alone to work, think, or meditate.

A natural form of art is found in the floral rug trend. This style comes directly from the well-known Dutch floral art which seeks a sense of harmony between different flowers. A clear influence of many rug designers, the parallels are on display as carpets bring their own harmony to a room.  Floral art gathers a variety of flowers into a magnificent bouquet while rugs emphasize the charm of the different furniture pieces in a room. Even if floral art is considered an ephemeral art (flowers inevitably fade), when applied to rugs the lifespan is extended. And such is the popularity of floral patterns found in carpets the world over. 

Our next carpet style is the geometrical, the original form of decoration. The oldest clothes ever found – from more than 4000 years ago – had geometrical decorations. Historians discovered that Mayan villagers wore clothes with triangles, circles and squares in various combinations depending on their village of origin. The same effects were found among the oldest Chinese armies, which distinguished themselves with geometrical patterns on their flags and armor. The geometrical trend is an art form which employs basic shapes to symbolize objects, people and animals in the world around us.

A standout among renowned rug trends is the traditional style, which appeared more than 500 years ago during the Renaissance. Splendidly represented in France this period finds aristocrats beginning to decorate their houses, villas and palaces with astonishingly magnificent furniture and paintings. One of the most impressive examples is the Versailles Palace in Paris with its magnificent Hall of Mirrors. Carpets play an important role in shaping this style with their massive scale and complicated designs to attract the gaze of noble guests.

One modern rug trend focuses on abstract art forms. This contemporary style appeared in the 20th century with painters like Picasso, Kandinsky and Mondrian and rapidly became famous. It is considered difficult to describe since it doesn't represent anything real but instead points to concepts and ideas. When you are ready to discover how abstract art can influence a rug please have a look at our exciting products.