We are pleased to present our elegant, newly designed room carpets to enhance your home. They are the rising trend among textile flooring and are specially manufactured to generate an original atmosphere in your contemporary residence. Imagined by young, audacious designers these stylish room carpets are intended to arouse your interest.

Dining Room Carpet
Living Room Carpet
Lounge Carpet
Bathroom Carpet
Bedroom Carpet

Here at The Carpet Maker we have been manufacturing carpets and rugs for 30 years.  Rest assured that we can make the most impressive room carpets for you and your guests.

Along with visual appeal, it is equally important to make sure each carpet matches the atmosphere and functionality of each room.

This is how we select our products:

For bedroom carpets we choose shag carpets which are fluffy, warm and as soft as a comfortable bed. Suggested colors include a combination of red to inspire passion and sensuality, and purple to relax your mood and imagination for peaceful dreams.

In living rooms we select resilient carpets to handle the heavy traffic of regular movement through this family hub. A design that includes the dynamic and stimulating effects of orange and yellow’s cheerful optimism will brighten everyone’s day.

The lounge is a room where people like to rest and relax in a sense of calm. The key is a carpet which brings an extra level of comfort to the room and gives an extraordinary feeling of wellness as soon as it meets your bare feet. Shaggy carpets in shades of green accentuate serenity.

Dining rooms host your meals and their carpets can easily soak up stains. To counter that, wool is one of the easiest materials to machine wash. We blend in fresh, clean designs of blue and white for the perfect dining room carpet.
If the first room your guests see upon arrival is a hallway, it is important to make a superlative impression.  A silk carpet in shades of gold will project the prestige and luxury your house deserves.