Anti-allergy Carpets

The anti-allergy carpet from The Carpet Maker is one of the most hygienic textile floorings that
exist in the market. It is a guarantee to your hour house of a long lasting cleanliness and
freshness unavailable from regular carpets.

It has an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-mildew effect which prevents any contamination or odor problems.  With its anti-dust mite effect it also prevents the buildup of irritating allergens. This is essential to protect your family from dust mites and other parasites.

Intelligent Fiber.jpg

Intelligent Fiber

The additives incorporated into the fibers of the anti-allergy carpet have a long lasting effect. Since it is possible to mix different fibers together you can get a final product which is as comfortable and soft as it is durable.  

Indeed the carpet does not need to be 100% composed of the anti-dust mite fiber to be an effective barrier to allergens which means you can then choose and add other fibers such as wool or bamboo to boost its natural composition.


Healthy And Natural

We can even dye the carpets with 100% biological colors which come from plants. It’s then possible to produce the healthiest carpet without any chemical colors, with natural materials and with anti-allergen properties.

Plus, this intelligent fiber can be used in every kind of production process we provide (hand weaving, hand tufting and machine tufting).


World Certification

As you would expect, this anti-allergy carpet has been certified to be completely harmless for humans by multiple influential organizations such as OKEO TEX in Germany and REACH SVHC in Europe. Children can play on it without risk.
What’s more, the efficacy of this product has been tested through 100 washes and it still worked perfectly.