More than a work of art, a carpet is useful and it has the capacity to generate a special atmosphere in a room, just like lighting effects or music. One should give serious consideration before buying a cheap, machine-made, synthetic carpet to cover your floor. Handmade carpets come from a fascinating tradition, based on knowledge passed down over a thousand years, and they bring extra value to every room of your house.

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Here at The Carpet Maker we offer a wide range of products and designs to match the depth of your imagination. We have carpets for every taste in any style.  If you have a particular character in mind, we have some suggestions to help you navigate our site quickly.

Our carpets are divided into five different styles to make it easier for our customers to find the product they are looking for.

First we present the most famous carpet style in the world – the oriental. This style comes from Middle-Eastern countries such as Turkey, Egypt, and Iran – or ancient Persia, which is why nowadays they are still called Persian carpets.

Oriental carpets are perfectly suitable for private lounges, sitting rooms and areas for relaxing.  Historically, carpets were first used in the Middle-East in private rooms such as "hamam" and "sauna".

Floral carpets are the next style we have highlighted.  This refers directly to floral art and is based on the creation of harmony between different kinds of flowers.  This art form comes from Holland, world-renowned for its exquisite flowers. It is interesting to notice the parallels which can be drawn between floral art and carpets. Just as floral art achieves harmony between flowers, carpets coordinate between the furniture and the room. Thankfully even if floral art is an ephemeral art, floral art on a carpet is a longer lasting expression, thanks to the carpet’s longevity.

Our next carpet style is the geometrical, the original form of decoration. The oldest clothes ever found were made in 2000 B.C and decorated with square, triangle and stripe patterns. The geometrical style is often a simple representation of objects from everyday life. Early Chinese armies and Mayan villages used geometrical shapes to differentiate between each other. Our carpet collection would be incomplete without this iconic style, with its modest design and historical background. 

The next carpet type is the traditional or classical style, represented mostly in old castles and luxurious palaces. If you have already visited a famous palace such as Versailles in Paris, you know exactly how glorious and impressive this style can be. It is characterized by beautiful furniture, gorgeous wall paintings and massive carpets with complex patterns which never fail to amaze guests. This time-honored form is still admired and many wealthy customers pamper themselves with carpets styled in classical motifs.

The rest of our carpets fit neatly into the category we call modern style. At the opposite end of the spectrum from oriental and geometrical styles is a modern look that has appeared more recently during the 20th century. Because the modern style can be quite broad we have narrowed it down to carpets with abstract designs. Abstract is a type which does not represent objects from the real world but seeks to express a thought or mood through colors and textures. The abstract style is a leading trend nowadays. If you are interested please feel free to take a look at our outstanding products.