Bespoke Rugs

The Carpet Maker has earned a reputation as one of the best bespoke rug manufacturers in the market. With the availability of 28 materials, 4 different production processes and infinite design possibilities, we are the ones to contact if you would like to have a high quality custom-made rug.

Do you have that spark of inspiration that you would like to transform into a rug to beautify your house? We are ready for you. Our team of designers is here to give shape and substance to your ideas.

As your vision develops, our production team will help you decide which material, color and dimensions will best fit your expectations. How does that work? In a room with heavy traffic we favor strong materials with a shorter loop pile, as they are more resistant to footmarks than a long-cut pile.

If this sounds like gobbledygook to you our professional team will be glad to advise and to simplify the process so it’s easy to understand. If you wish we can walk you through every step of your rug’s production.

With 30 years of experience in rug manufacturing we are experts in this field. We provide products for many famous international luxury brands.

The renown we have earned for our excellent quality products come from the importance we place on every detail, from the largest to the smallest.

At The Carpet Maker our flexibility is our main strength and we will make sure it serves you well.

We savor a challenge and we are ready to produce any rug you can imagine, no matter the complexity.