Bespoke Carpets AND RUGS

We want to assist consumers in creating the carpet they wish for, no matter which fabric or
design they have in mind. Our philosophy says it all: "we measure success by our customer's
delight". We want our clients to join in the process, to work with us and to be as close to their
developing carpet as any member of the company.

Have you ever wanted a unique carpet to enliven your living area? Have you wished for a comfort that matches the luxurious design? The Carpet Maker is the company to contact. Our professional team of designers and craftsmen will bend over backwards to include all your conditions and help you create the perfect carpet.

Each one of our bespoke carpets can be compared to an artistic masterpiece drawn directly from our customer‘s imagination. If you wish to see your dream come true please contact us and put our flexibility to the test.

With infinite design possibilities we will rise to any challenge and guarantee to deliver a top-quality carpet at a reasonable price.

For those who feel overwhelmed with all the different manufacturing techniques, the variety of yarns or the countless shades of every color under the sun, you can relax – we have it covered. As experts with more than 30 years‘ experience, we will be delighted to guide you through your choices.

As we said before we bring limitless flexiblity to carpet design, but when it comes to the time required to create these top-end carpets, we do have some conditions. We will always choose quality over speed and that means we will take the time necessary to ensure that you receive the exact carpet you ordered.