Area Rugs

Current trends call for the inclusion of well-designed area rugs in the house to complement the furniture and increase the value of the home and complete the overall concept. The best of these area rugs are manufactured by skillful rug makers with a traditional background in this field.  They are sure to catch your attention.

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With 30 years of rug manufacturing experience The Carpet Maker has become an expert in creating and producing high quality area rugs that are always original and sophisticated.

Let me introduce you to our magnificent range of area rugs to beautify your home.

From first sight, an attractive pattern catches the eye – the right rug for any space will emphasize the atmosphere of each room.  For more detail, take a look at how we have grouped our products by intended room use.
In the bedroom, the best fit is a shaggy area rug for extra comfort.  Soft and warm, it will make your feet think they have found heaven.  Purple to power your imagination or red to stimulate passion and love, these are impressive colors.

Perhaps your family gathers in the living room to discuss their day.  Here you spend much of your day, so we have selected our most resilient area rugs to handle the heavy traffic. It is essential to match the rug with its environment for long-lasting good looks, even in the most lived-in areas. We favor colors that include bright, happy, optimistic yellow and energy-stimulating orange.

Dining rooms see spills, it’s unavoidable. For an area rug that hosts breakfast, lunch and dinner, look to wool with short pile.  They are simple to vacuum and can even be machine washed to scrub out stubborn stains. The clean freshness of whites and blues make a popular choice.

At the end of the work day you head to the lounge to wind down. Your body begins to relax as soon as you set foot on the soft, comfy rug. Cotton and bamboo rugs with shaggy pile are favorites.  Natural greens and browns conjure the peace and quiet of a forest.

We like to make an impression with our hallway area rugs, as this is one of the first areas your guests will see upon arrival.  Luxurious products fashioned of shiny silks and bamboos are recommended.  Go with gold to project wealth and distinction.