Carpets AND Rugs

Wall-to-wall carpets emphasize the difference between area rugs as the perfect floor covering when you wish to present a warm, cozy atmosphere in your house. Nothing feels better than coming back from a long work day, taking off your shoes and placing your feet on a soft, fluffy carpet. This floor covering is the only one which combines an extra level of comfort for your feet with an attractive design to enhance your home.

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The wide range of fabrics we can offer our customers is unmatched. Indeed, with 28 distinct materials we are the carpet manufacturer presenting the greatest variety.
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They are the rising trend among textile flooring and are specially manufactured to generate an original atmosphere in your contemporary residence.
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Handmade carpets come from a fascinating tradition, based on knowledge passed down over a thousand years, and they bring extra value to every room of your house.
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Bespoke Carpets AND RUGS

Our professional team of designers and craftsmen will bend over backwards to include all your conditions and help you create the perfect carpet.

Likewise, wall-to-wall carpets are the perfect floor covering if you live in an apartment with insufficient soundproofing and neighbors complain to the sound of stomping footsteps. Indeed wall-to-wall carpets are especially sound absorbent, which gives them extra value compared to other wooden or plastic floor coverings.

Carpets were first made for their usefulness more than for their decorative aspect, but over the years craftsmen began to explore new designs to give a unique appearance to living spaces. An appropriate carpet with the right design can transform the appearance of a room. When entering a room, as you take in the design, any carpets play a major role in the general atmosphere. Indeed carpets can be considered the foundation of a room’s design since they are a key element on which all the other furniture is based. It is crucial to choose the correct carpet to extend your house.

Covering floors with carpets is a current trend which has gained even more popularity in the last decade.

For those who are hesitant to buy carpets because they may catch dust or mites, you will be relieved to know that science has found a solution to this problem. Now we are able to produce Hypoallergenic Carpets which repel mites and have a higher yarn density to block dust.

Here at The Carpet Maker we are distinguished for being a manufacturer with one of the widest ranges of materials available, so feel free to take a look at our Carpet Fabrics and learn more about the advantages of each.

Then you can explore our numerous Carpet Styles and select the right one to realize your interior design dreams.

Looking to streamline the process? Take a shortcut past the various carpet fabrics and go straight to our selection of Room Carpets, perfectly suited to the different areas of your house.

In case you are unsure of which carpet is the best for you, or if you have any questions about carpets or rugs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our experts will be glad to help you.