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The Carpet Maker in the "Carpet XL" catalog

On 2nd February 2017 the monthly catalog of Carpet XL has been published.

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It is a magazine written in German and English for every specialists of the carpets and rugs industry. It deals with the international news  about rug business such as upcoming fairs and innovative designs or products. It also tell stories about successful carpet designers or companies and shows examples of custom-made carpets which are as original as fashion.

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This catalog is one of the best reference among carpets business magazines. Production managers and executives of each flooring companies read it regularly. Carpet XL is published throughout the planet and mostly in Europe in every German-speaking countries. It celebrated its 10 years anniversary last year with this February catalog.

In this special edition The Carpet Maker's most recent and well-designed product was displayed among other famous carpet industry brands.

In the “Highlights” section of the magazine they were samples from different companies which have reached a next level in the high-end hand-tufted rugs manufacturing. We can list some of our partners or competitors such as Jan Kath or Tai Ping.

Have you found The Carpet Maker's one?

Here have it in bigger !

This picture has been made from a wool carpet which belongs to the “Color” collection of The Carpet Maker. It is a selection of designs which play with colors mixing and color gradations in order to reproduce sight scenes from the real life. This one represents a sunset in Thailand.

This product has been exhibited to different fairs and has been quite successful with our customers.

What about you, which one do you prefer?

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